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Briana completed a year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, where she delved deeper into the heart of God, connected with His glory in nature, and learned the art of sitting at His feet. Briana was a youth leader for three years prior, where she poured into the youth with a mothering heart. For over seven years, Briana was dedicated to client satisfaction and positive personal growth as a social worker, including teaching at Phoenix Seminary. She has experience facilitating healthy trauma processing for Native Americans, employees, CEO’s, managers, and non profit clientele. She has a heart and ability to speak truth into those around her. Her motto, no matter where she goes, is to leave people more blessed than when she came because of the loving Jesus inside of her. Her heart is for everyone to encounter the real love of Jesus that is transformational. Briana is a highly motivated, fun loving individual who likes to embrace what life brings. She loves to travel, read, spend time in nature, and dance.