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an introductory course to our core values...

We are so excited for what God is doing in Austin, and excited for people like you, hungry to become involved! We are not officially open to the public until September 2018, but our Elements class is a great place for people wanting to help build in this season, and who want to serve our community prior to the opening. Since this is our pre-launch year, we are looking for people who are specifically wanting to build, serve and volunteer to ensure our community is ready for our September launch.

Elements is an 8 week course, once a week in the evenings where our culture, values and beliefs are discussed. It is a great time to find your place to serve the community, engage with Holy Spirit and hear God's heart for our church! Our March class is completely full, and our next class with openings starts June 5th. If you are interested in signing up, please click and fill out the information below.