life groups.

Life Group Sign-Ups Are Now Open!

Have you been wanting to get more connected and plugged in to the Bethel Austin community but aren’t sure how? Life Groups are the lifeblood of our community and designed for those seeking to call Bethel Austin their home church, as well as connecting with our community on a deeper level.

Below are each of the life groups taking sign-ups. When you’re ready to sign-up, click the Sign Up button at the bottom.

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North Austin Groups

Leaders: Jeff and Renee McCharen

Group description: This group is all about faith in action! We will encourage each other to step out in our faith, practice the prophetic, pray, look to see people healed and touched by God. We are excited to express God’s heart towards others and be outward focused. Let’s practice and learn together!

Group is geared toward: Anyone!

When the group will meet: Two Wednesdays per month

Childcare: We will not have specific childcare but children are welcome

Leader: Miriam Arora

Group description: Family friendly life group with prescheduled kid-friendly meetups in North Austin/ Round Rock to fit your busy life. Make valuable connections that enable you to share your dreams in a supportive environment where you are seen and heard. And where you can encourage others in their dreams even in the busyness of life 🙂

Group is geared toward: Families and People Who Need Family

When the group will meet: Every other Friday Evening – All activities will be pre-scheduled and need RSVP

Childcare: We will provide childcare

Leader: Brendon and Lyndsay Worth

Group description: We envision our group being a place that fosters and grows healthy families and marriages.

Group is geared toward: Married Couples, Families

When the group will meet: Every other Sunday evening

Childcare: We will not have specific childcare but children are welcome

South Austin Groups

Leader: Sam and Cherie Cobb

Group description: Group focused on growing together in community. Sam is a Texan and food is a must so we will do potluck-style meals together each meeting. We will get together to eat, fellowship, pray and prophesy over each other, get Holy Spirit drunk, and every now and then do a course or book.

Group is geared toward: Families and people who need family.

When the group will meet: Every Sunday evening

Childcare: Kids are welcome but we don’t have a lot of indoor space. Be prepared to parent.

Various Locations and Times

Leader: Cherie Cobb, Hannah Rabiu and others (ministry led by Rhodalynn Jetton)

Group description: Wholehearted & Courageous creates safe spaces and community where vulnerability and authenticity become more natural to express.A small group of women intentionally committing to the heart journey, first to themselves and then to the community. Suggested books and Wholehearted & Courageous materials help structure the time and discussion.

Group is geared toward: Women only

When the group will meet: Weekly. Note, because there are multiple groups running, days/times will vary; group leader will contact you.

Childcare: We will not be providing childcare and this is an adult-only group